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Australian equities long/short − diversification of risk with the potential for higher return
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About Sage Capital

Sage Capital is a specialist equities investment manager, wholly owned by its directors and staff. Established in June 2019, Sage Capital provides investors with access to two long/short Australian equities strategies that aim to generate return and control risk through a balanced investment process that uniquely combines quantitative and fundamental analysis.

The senior portfolio management team brings experience and specialist skill, as well as deep insights into stock selection and investment strategies.

Philosophy & Process

Sage Capital believes long term value creation is achieved by going deeper into company analysis, balanced with the rigour of an objective process. Sage Capital’s stock selection process utilises two complementary sources of return, employing both a quantitative and a fundamental process. The objective of this process is to identify companies that will deliver superior earnings outcomes on an attractive risk/reward basis.

Investment Team

Investment Funds

CC Sage Capital Equity Plus Fund


Actively managed exposure to long/short Australian equities.

CC Sage Capital Absolute Return Fund


Market neutral or absolute return Australian equities exposure.



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