Clean Energy Infrastructure − the future energy infrastructure of the world

Investment Types

Global renewable energy assets represent one of the fastest-growing infrastructure sub-sector, worth approx. $430 billion (in 2018) and can offer bond-like stability. Renewable energy assets can provide a long-term stream of stable cash flows with low correlation to the long-term macroeconomic environment.

Clean Energy Infrastructure Strategy

Invests directly in high-quality, utility-scale clean energy assets in North America and Europe.

Investment focus is on opportunities with long-term contracted revenues. Projects include solar, wind, biomass, conventional gas generation and waste gas-fueled power generation.

Investment Highlights

The portfolio includes 5.6 GW of net power generation across more than 100 projects and  $6.2 billion of AUM/tax equity1, making Capital Dynamics one of the largest specialised energy investment managers globally2.

Broad exposure to power markets across geographies and technologies, including approximately 4,056MW of solar, 590MW of wind and 992MW of biogas and CCGT.

Capital Dynamics’ scale positions it as a market leader, resulting in distinct cost and sourcing advantages.

This strategy complements a core infrastructure holding within a portfolio.

1. As of June 30, 2019.
2. Capital Dynamics as of August 2019. Includes assets in renewable energy projects managed by Capital Dynamics, including USD 3.8bn assets under discretionary management and USD 2.4bn tax equity assets. Tax equity is a financing solution for renewable energy projects.
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