Generate long term growth through global emerging markets

Investment Types

As investors continue to seek proven strategies to grow portfolios, exposure to emerging and frontier markets can provide the opportunity for long term capital appreciation by accessing companies in some of the fastest growing countries in the world. It can also help diversify away from overweight exposures to domestic or developed equity markets.

CC RWC Global Emerging Markets Fund

Aims to provide long-term capital appreciation through exposure to global emerging markets and frontier markets.

Investment focus is on growing companies in emerging and frontier markets globally which have strong sustainable cash flows at attractive valuations.

Investment Highlights

An index agnostic approach using macro and bottom up research to construct a portfolio of high quality growth stocks.

Access to frontier markets which include some of the fastest growing countries such as Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Strong track record – one of the best performing emerging market managers globally.

Open to all Australian investors.

Can form part of an allocation to Global equities.

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This is general information only and is not intended to provide advice to any particular investor, nor take into account an individual’s investment objectives, circumstances or needs. The value of an investment can rise and fall and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Decisions to acquire or continue to hold units in the funds should only be made after considering the information contained in the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Applications to invest will only be accepted if made on an application form. The Responsible Entity of the CC RWC Global Emerging Markets Fund is Channel Investment Management Limited ACN 163 234 240 AFSL 439007.”

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