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About Revolution Asset Management

Revolution is a specialist investment manager established to provide institutional and high net worth investors with access to the Australian and New Zealand private debt market. Combining more than 100 years of experience in private debt, Revolution’s investment team founded the business and has a strong track record of sourcing and managing loan portfolios that help to fill the financing gap created by the decline in lending by Australian banks.

Revolution wants to change the way investors think about fixed income asset allocation. By accessing secured, floating rate investments, investors can complement the defensive allocation of a portfolio by allocating to private debt.

Philosophy & Process

The approach to investing is based on a strong risk management framework with a focus on downside protection. It employs a rigorous and well-tested investment process, with significant scenario analysis conducted prior to each individual investment. The disciplined process is designed to deliver targeted returns with low volatility.

The investment activities are focused on the most compelling relative value opportunities across Australian and New Zealand real estate debt, Asset-Backed Securities, private company debt and Leveraged Buyout debt.

“AU & NZ private debt appeals to investors due to its ability to provide long term stable returns. Depending on liquidity needs, we see defensive portfolio allocations of up to 20% to this asset class. The floating rate nature of private debt also means less concern about rising interest rates and a level of inbuilt protection against inflation.”
Bob Sahota
Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer

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