Diversify risk exposures away from the traditional

Investment Types

Alternative investment strategies tend to be less correlated to equities and bonds and can provide much needed diversification to help smooth portfolio returns over time. They may suit investors who do not need access to daily liquidity and have a long term investment horizon.

Investment manager selection is critical – our investment managers are evaluated on performance track record, access to deal flow, ability to structure investments as well as exit them, and investment team dynamics.

CC Sage Capital Absolute Return Fund

The Fund’s objective is to generate positive absolute returns above the RBA cash rate after fees and expenses over the long term by taking both long and short positions in selected Australian shares.

Investment Highlights

A market neutral fund where short positions and long positions offset each other, giving investors exposure to the manager’s stock selection skills while aiming to eliminate exposure to the underlying equity market.

Unique stock selection process that blends fundamental and quantitative analysis to identify companies without bias.

Managed by one of the most experienced long/short managers in Australia.

Open to all Australian investors

Can complement an existing allocation to Australian equities.

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Revolution Private Debt Strategy

Targets a return of the RBA cash rate plus 4% to 5% p.a. (net of fees and expenses).

Investment focus is the most compelling relative value opportunities across Australian and New Zealand real estate debt, ABS, private company debt and LBO debt.

Investment Highlights

Designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation.

Provides an inflation hedge as investments are floating rate.

Predictable income stream through contractual loan agreements.

Low correlation to major assets classes.

Revolution Private Debt Fund II and Revolution Wholesale Private Debt Fund II are open for investment.

The strategy can form part of a defensive alternative fixed income allocation.

For institutional and wholesale investors only.

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CC JCB Dynamic Alpha Fund

An absolute return fixed income fund that aims to deliver stable and consistent returns over time irrespective of share and bond market movements.

The Fund aims to outperform the RBA Cash Rate by 2.5 per cent per annum (after fees) over rolling three-year periods by only investing in global high grade government issued assets in G7 nations and Australia.

Investment Highlights

Alpha generation – unencumbered by benchmark relative constraints providing a lower volatility offering with no credit exposure.

Liquidity – daily priced providing liquidity through all market conditions.

Diversification benefits – uncorrelated to traditional markets.

Proven track record – the investment team applies the same investment and risk management approach that also drives the domestic and global strategy products to generate total returns.

Open to all Australian investors.

Can complement traditional fixed income exposures with superior liquidity.

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