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About Redwheel

Redwheel is a global investment manager specialising in providing strategies that enable clients to invest in developed and emerging market equities, convertible bonds and income solutions that help them meet their long-term financial needs.

Located in London, Singapore and Miami, Redwheel is comprised of an experienced team of investment professionals with expertise in specific fields, one of these being emerging and frontier market equities.

Philosophy & Process

The team pursues an idea-focused, rather than index-driven, approach to investing which allows them to actively allocate capital across regions and countries irrespective of index weights. To guide their bottom-up fundamental research efforts, the team has built a globally integrated research process in which top-down macro and thematic research dynamically informs the bottom-up perspective. On-the-ground research is a key aspect of the research process, informing and enhancing macro, thematic and company due diligence.

Investment Team

Redwheel’s emerging markets equity team is comprised of 29 experienced investment professionals, some of whom have worked together for over two decades. Portfolio manager for the CC Global Emerging Market Fund, John Malloy has over 29 years of experience in investment management, nearly all of which has been in emerging markets. John and co-portfolio manager, Thomas Allraum are supported by a team of 27 dedicated emerging markets and frontier markets analysts and economists who work closely together to uncover growth opportunities across more than 60 markets globally. Portfolio manager, Colin Liang has over 15 years of experience in investment and financial analysis and leads Redwheel’s China research effort.

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