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Founded in Melbourne in 2013, Jamieson Coote Bonds (JCB) is a privately owned specialist high grade bond manager. JCB’s objective is to provide investors with genuine portfolio defence and liquidity across all market cycles through investment in global and domestic sovereign bonds.

Philosophy & Process

The investment philosophy is centred on duration management and targeted security bond selection (across and within sub-sectors) which JCB strongly believes can drive returns over appropriate time horizons. Economic fundamentals, monetary policies and politics, and bond supply/flow implications are critical drivers of ongoing returns, thus JCB believes skilled active management can help to protect investments on the downside and participate on the upside, over time.

“High grade bond exposure can act as the ballast of defence and can be combined with income-oriented exposures such as credit. Understanding and controlling sources of risk underpins this thinking. We provide the specialised access to actively managed high grade bond strategies to help portfolio constructors do this.”
Paul Chin, SF Fin
Director, Head of Investment Strategy & Sustainable

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