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Investment Types

Impact investments are investments designed to create positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Conscious Investment Management Impact Fund

The Conscious Investment Management Impact Fund provides investors with access to a diversified portfolio of impact investments that create a lasting positive social and environmental impact, while earning a market rate financial return. The Fund focuses on three key impact themes: environmental and climate, health and education, and sustainable development.

The Fund targets a financial return of 7%-11% p.a. (over the medium term, after fees and before investor-level taxes), such that its investments are financially sustainable, and capital invested can be recycled to continue providing social benefits into a long-term and better future. The Fund is open ended.

Investment Highlights

Strong potential return - invest into a portfolio of existing assets that delivers a running net distribution yield of between 5-7% p.a., with a targeted expected total net return of 7-11% p.a.

Quality social impact metrics – transparent and independently verified measurement of social and environmental impact and benefits.

Proven track record – access to a skilled investment team with top tier experience in investment management, transaction structuring and execution, and access to global deal flow.

Aligning values – investing capital into diverse investment opportunities that make a lasting difference to society and the environment.


Impact investment can be treated as its own asset class, however it can also form part of a real asset or private equity/debt portfolio within an alternatives allocation.

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