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Sage Capital's Long Short Strategies Receive 'Highly Recommended' Rating from Lonsec

August 30, 2023

Sage Capital, an Australian equities long short specialist investment manager is pleased to announce that its two strategies, the CC Sage Capital Equity Plus Fund and CC Sage Capital Absolute Return Fund, have received a 'Highly Recommended' rating from Lonsec.

Lonsec has acknowledged Sage Capital for its very strong conviction in its investment approach. This acknowledgment underscores the strength of its philosophy and process, built over two decades by Chief Investment Officer, Sean Fenton. Since the inception of the strategies in August 2019, Sage Capital's investment team has consistently achieved its performance objectives, demonstrating resilience across various market conditions.

Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Sean Fenton said, “This independent endorsement further validates the strength and cohesion of our investment team, as well as the robustness of our investment process.

“The strategies are designed to generate alpha over the long term through our unique investment approach that combines fundamental and quantitative analysis. We seek to provide a solution for investors to help lower correlation to equity markets by holding both long and short positions – in a risk-controlled way.”

As a market neutral long short strategy, CC Sage Capital Absolute Return Fund is designed as an alternative’s allocation, providing exposure to Sage Capital’s stock selection and risk management framework, whilst eliminating overall exposure to the underlying equity market. Since inception to 31 July 2023, the fund has returned +9.75% p.a.^ net of fees, outperforming its benchmark (RBA Cash Rate) by 8.75% p.a.. This has been achieved with no correlation to the S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index and with less than half of the volatility, thus providing investors with clear portfolio diversification benefits.

CC Sage Capital Equity Plus Fund is designed as an Australian equities allocation targeting a constant beta of one and benchmarked to the S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index. Since inception to 31 July 2023, the fund has returned +12.45% p.a.^ net of fees versus the S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index return of 7.13% p.a., an outperformance of 5.32% pa^ net of fees.

“In the current volatile market environment, employing a long short strategy may prove to be a good additional diversifier of long-only Australian equities exposures. Our ability to short companies removes the constraint around index weights. The distribution of weights across the index becomes irrelevant and we have the freedom to choose portfolio weights for stocks that are independent of the index weight, subject only to liquidity. A long short portfolio can achieve active return targets with a far more diversified portfolio of stocks. The greater diversification resulting from this can mean a better risk/reward trade-off and potentially more consistent returns to investors over time.” Mr Fenton said.

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Important Information
^ Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Fund inception date was 20 August 2019.
This information is provided by the Investment Manager, Sage Capital Pty Ltd ACN 632 839 877 AR No. 001276472 (‘Sage Capital’). Channel Investment Management Limited ACN 163 234 240 AFSL 439007 (‘CIML’) is the Responsible Entity and issuer of units in the CC Sage Capital Equity Plus Fund ARSN 634 148 913 and the CC Sage Capital Absolute Return Fund ARSN 634 149 287 (together ‘the Funds’). To the extent that this information is considered advice or a recommendation to investors or potential investors in relation to holding, purchasing or selling units in the Funds please note that it does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. All investments carry risk and all investment decisions of an individual remain the responsibility of that individual.  Before acting on any information you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to these matters, any relevant offer document and in particular, you should seek independent financial advice. For further information and before investing, please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement available from and A Target Market Determination is available at
The rating issued August 2023 is published by Lonsec Research Pty Ltd ABN 11 151 658 561 AFSL 421 445 (Lonsec). Ratings are general advice only, and have been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Consider your personal circumstances, read the product disclosure statement and seek independent financial advice before investing. The rating is not a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold any product. Past performance information is not indicative of future performance. Ratings are subject to change without notice and Lonsec assumes no obligation to update. Lonsec uses objective criteria and receives a fee from the Fund Manager. Visit for ratings information and to access the full report. © 2023 Lonsec. All rights reserved. Click here for important information about this rating:

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