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Channel Collections: Webinar topics and recordings

September 21, 2020

Watch or listen to recordings from Channel Capital’s specialist investment managers to get the best insights on their respective asset class.

Upcoming Webinars

Conscious Investment Management - Responsible Investing, where does Impact Investing fit? (13 October)

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Revolution Asset Management - Australian and New Zealand private debt markets and what lies ahead (26 August)

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Chief Investment Officer, Bob Sahota and Senior Portfolio Manager, Simon Petris Ph.D cover the latest developments in the Australian and New Zealand private debt market.

Jamieson Coote Bonds – Global Absolute Return Fixed Income Strategy (19 August)
For Advisers & Wholesale Investors Only.

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Charlie Jamieson, Chief Investment Officer at Jamieson Coote Bonds and Luke Mandekic, Distribution Director at Channel Capital discuss how investors can earn consistent returns from high grade government bonds whilst maintaining a high degree of liquidity, regardless of the direction of interest rates and provide an introduction to the CC JCB Dynamic Alpha Fund.

Bell Asset Management - Global equities: a game plan for managing volatility (22 July)

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Chief Investment Officer, Ned Bell and Senior Global Equities Analyst, Joel Connell make sense of the global equities market and the key considerations for investors.

Sage Capital – Opportunistic Dislocations in Australian Equities (16 July)

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As the new investment environment continues to test markets, Chief Investment Officer, Sean Fenton and Portfolio Manager, James Delaney explore where the opportunities remain for investors as the world comes out of lockdown. They dive into recent changes to the market dynamic and the economy, to provide colour on earnings forecasts and valuations and provide an update on Sage Capital's recent performance and portfolio positioning of both the market neutral and active extension strategies.

Jamieson Coote Bonds: Forward perspectives on the global economy and markets (15 July)
For Advisers & Wholesale Investors Only.

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Co-Founders Charlie Jamieson and Angus Coote provide insight on how to navigate the disconnect between markets and the economy and highlight macroeconomic themes that capture their interest, including how the global recession will play out and the economic outlook for the second half of 2020.

RWC Partners - Global Emerging Markets Update (16 June)
For professional advisers and investors only.

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Channel Capital was joined by its investment manager partner, RWC Partners live from the U.S. to discuss emerging market equities with longtime investors John M. Malloy Jr. Co-Head of Emerging and Frontier Markets and Cem Akyürek Ph.D., Chief Economist. The discussion looks at how emerging markets have been impacted by the crisis as well as the drivers of performance in emerging market equities, the major risks and what investors should think about looking forward.

Revolution Asset Management − Australian and New Zealand private debt market and outlook  (7 May)

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Today's market dislocation is accompanied by much uncertainty and within credit markets, risk assessment, credit discipline and security are key. Chief Investment Officer, Bob Sahota provides his perspective on the current state of the Australian and New Zealand private debt market and the outlook for 2020. He examines how the market distress has affected certain sectors and those that are proving resilient, along with the many opportunities to put cash to work in quality and stable industries at attractive valuations.

Sage Capital – Navigating turbulent times and looking beyond the Coronavirus (16 April)

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Chief Investment Officer, Sean Fenton talks through how Sage Capital maintained a balanced and diversified portfolio as the COVID-19 situation developed throughout March. A defensive positioning with overweights was maintained in Consumer Staples, Healthcare and Telecommunications, but some oversold stocks across Cyclicals, Financials and Technology have been added, whilst continuing to avoid Travel related exposures and moving more underweight Resources. Large resource stocks have held up well with strong balance sheets, good cashflow and an expectation of a strong recovery in China.

Jamieson Coote Bonds – Global Markets Webinar (27 March)

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Chief Investment Officer, Charlie Jamieson discusses the current state of the economy and the monetary and fiscal policy effects after a demand and supply shock of Coronavirus.

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