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Conscious Investment Management: 3 steps for business to help combat climate change

August 11, 2021

The most comprehensive Report ever done on climate change has garnered widespread press with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releasing the first part of its report earlier this week. The IPCC is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change. This sixth report follows assessment of over 14,000 scientific publications to assess the physical basis for climate change, and the findings are extremely alarming.

IPCC’s report says that within a decade, global warming could push temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Or more clearly – “code red for humanity”.

Even minor levels of incremental warming equate to enormous changes in extreme weather like dangerous floods, heatwaves, cyclones, and droughts. Not to mention rising sea levels. So data showing we’re rapidly reaching a 1.5 degree increase means drastic consequences are squarely in front of us. Not future generations, not our children’s children, but us. It is a constantly evolving environmental and social issue that affects everyone alive today.

The question facing every individual, every business and every government is what will we do about it, individually and collectively?

Conscious Investment Management was established to unlock the power of mainstream investment markets to fund assets that create positive social and environmental impact. Conscious Investment Management will always resolutely pursue this mission on behalf of its investors. But importantly, the team also supports and advocates for others with aligned missions. And there are many ways to align to combat climate change – here are just several:

1. Shift your business carbon neutral.

Conscious Investment Management recently completed this process via Climate Active, and encourage all businesses to assess becoming carbon neutral.

2. Implement individual changes where you can that positively impact the environment.

Here is a handy list from The Grantham Institute.

3. Become informed about the climate change policies for incumbent and opposition political parties.

Your vote matters.

Our communities and our planets require positive collection action on a scale never seen before. Together, we can face the defining challenge of climate change.

“As we witness our planet transforming around us we watch, listen, measure … respond." Changing by the artist Alisa Singer.

If you would like to know more about the work Conscious Investment Management do in the environmental space, or how their investments make a positive impact, please reach out to

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