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Bell Asset Management Webinar: global equities - a game plan for managing volatility

July 12, 2020

Join the webinar 22 July: Global equities - a game plan for managing volatility

For Advisers and Wholesale Investors only.

As global equities markets have staged a strong rebound in the past few months, the prospect of a slowing global economy coupled with the first full quarter of COVID affected corporate earnings results will bring further uncertainty for investors.

CIO Ned Bell and Senior Global Equities Analyst Joel Connell will make sense of the global equities market and the key considerations for investors, including a discussion on:

  • The global equities market and earnings outlook against a COVID-19 bounce - where do we see the best investment opportunities, what are the risks and how do we shield against ongoing volatility?
  • What are the relevant thematics for high quality small and mid-cap names in a COVID-19 environment?
  • Spotlight on sectors including Health Care & Consumer Staples and a look at companies that meet our quality filters.
  • The rationale for increasing exposure to global small and mid-cap companies as part of a client's portfolio mix.

Live Webinar with Q&A

Date: Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Time: 12.30pm - 1.15 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time)


Ned Bell, CIO, Bell Asset Management

Joel Connell, Senior Global Equities Analyst

James Biggins, Distribution Director, Channel Capital

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